Thursday, April 12, 2012

Post op day 2

Hello!! I am up and moving. I have drank about 2-3oz of protein shake and sipped on water. Not to bad. I still have some gas and I must really be swollen because my weight is up 3 pounds. I need to jump in the shower but I have been putting off looking at the incisions! Imagine that, an OR nurse who can't look at her own incisions. I saw my CRNA yesterday before I left and asked if I did or said anything and she said I was a perfect patient. But... my husband said I talked and scratched in my sleep all last night. I think the liquid percocet is making me itch. Another note, I spoke with the bariatric liason that I used to work with in the OR and she said since the hospital is redoing the web page, she would love for me to start blogging on there.And she wants me to come to the support groups and talk about my experience. I think we just all have to keep supporting each other. If it weren't for the blogs, I would've been more anxious and not believed I could have done it!! Well, that's it for now. I will try to post some before pics this week, Thanks again for all your support!!!

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