Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The operating room...

After reading Morgan's blog about being under the influence after surgery I have to tell you guys that I am an operating room nurse. More specifically I work on the open heart team. But, just having surgery knowledge is what scares me about surgery. Not so much dying but people seeing me naked and what they will say(cause we do talk...)and what I might say when I am under the influence. Good thing about my surgery is that I am having it at one of our hospitals in our health system. They don't do them in my OR. Whew.... But I will be fine and naked and talking dirty I'm sure!!!


  1. oh my...

    what do the OR peeps say?

  2. Wanting to be an OR nurse myself, and having had 4 rotations in the OR as a student so far, I totally was freaked about going back in as a patient vs being on the nurse side. I think it was one of my biggest fears this time because I have seen both side now... but nothing like a little bit of humor right to break the ice. :-)

  3. Well...being the one that showed off my no-no spot I am all for letting your freak flag fly!! I am sure he has a funny story to tell now, as do I!

  4. I used to worry about that crap until I went through IVF at a teaching center and was spread eagle on the table for embryo transfer and the doc brought in like 10 students and was like "you can see how uncomfortable the patient can be in this position" and I was like "yeah, can you see it, huh, huh, can you see it???" Dang. Then I gave birth and all modesty flew out the window never to be found again. Hey so today on the Lap Band Talk forums I came across an article that I wish I had read before banding, and I am glad I got to read before week 4 because it cleared up a LOT of misconceptions I had. So here's a link in case you are interested. http://bariatrictime...-art-of-eating/