Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm baaaccckkkkk...Again!!!!!

Hello all! Since I really admire all of these bloggers I am going to give this one more try. I kind of fell off the wagon, well more of a plateau, kind of depressed thing. I recently got into the WLS Success Matters group with Sandy and Banded Wendy. I am back to losing. Still haven't crossed below the 200lb mark but I am almost there. I weighed in today at 204.7lbs. I am very happy about that. I like the private facebook group. Gives you an opportunity to talk to people who have truly been there or are still there and struggling just like you. Here is my week one pic and my week one weight!! Just came from exercising and eating protein first!! Back to taking my vitamins and drinking more water. I would love to hear what other banders eat!! I am still bored with my food selection!!!! Good luck everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's been a long time....

Hello All!!! Hope you haven't forgotten about me because I have not forgotten about all your support!!! Everything is great, just been busy, lazy, etc.... As of last week, I have lost 30.6lbs. It's been right at 3 months and a few days since I was banded. I have had 2 fills for a grand total of 2 ml. I have been sick maybe 3 times, all my own fault. I ate too quick and/or too much!! Other than that, it's been smooth sailing! I have no regrets at all, other than not doing it sooner. I go for another adjustment in 2 weeks, go back to the nutritionist in 3 months(saw her last week), and I'm not sure what else. I do still feel that same resistance to exercising like I've always had, and that bothers me because I thought for sure I would magically develop the "exercising gene" that skinny people have. But alas, I have not. But I have been making small changes and trying to be more active. Good luck to all you banders and soon to be banders!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My first pics!!

I have been wanting to post some before pics and since my friends keep telling me my face is smaller, I will post an after. The first is my family at Disney in February and the second is me at the hospital clowning around. I was waiting to see my nephew that was just born. It was 9 days after my surgery!! Still have my fat rolls but even as critical as I am, I can tell a difference. Enjoy!!

Feeling great!!!

Hey all!! Hope you all are doing great!!! I am!! Went to my follow-up appointments with my nutritionist and surgeon. Both were happy with my 17lb progress!! I am on a high protein(60-80gm a day)diet for mow. I will get my first fill around May 21st, they just have to figure out when they can squeeze me in the schedule since my surgeon will be doing it!! He likes for you to eat solids for a few weeks to make sure you can get them down. I can, which kind of scared me at first, but I am still not having any tummy growling at all or sliming episodes! BUT.... if I eat to fast or overeat I will get an awful pain in my side, around where my stomach lives and I am miserable for an hour or so!!! Gotta chew, chew, chew, and eat slowwwww!!! Yesterday I went back down to my extra-large scrubs at work!!! Happy me!!! Also, I put on a pair of old navy capris I had when I met my husband and weighed less, and they fit!!!! So, I officially have NO REGRETS ABOUT LAP BAND SURGERY!!!! If I can be of help to anyone, let me know!!! Have a great rest of the week!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Hey Guys!I know its been 13 days or so since I last posted. For awhile I was feeling cruddy and I really wanted this blog to be positive, so I took a break to feel better and this week I went back to work. I feel really good. I did break out from the ster-strips on my incisions but I am getting over that slowly but surely. I went to my post-op nutrition class yesterday and I have lost 17lbs so far and I am able to eat soft meats, cheeses, beans, etc. Haven't had anymore episodes of sliming. Thoses only occured that first week and nothing even came up. I go to my follow-up surgeon's appointment on Thursday. I don't feel hungry but I feel like my blood sugar is dropping, so I eat. I would like to get close to 200lbs by the end of May because my best friend is coming home to visit and she hasn't seen me since December. Also, I do have some surgery pics if anyone is interested, I will post them. Let me know!!! Thanks for all your support!!! You are all special people!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling better...

Hey ya'll! Update, I feel better. I took a few gas-x, drank some milk of magnesia, bounced on an exercise ball, walked, walked, walked, took my pain medicine, and I prayed. Had a little diarrhea- cha-cha-cha, went to sleep and woke up feeling sooo much better. Still have some chest pain, but not near as bad. I knew what was happening but that self doubt came roaring back into my head and I couldn't beat her yesterday!! She's a mean old bitch! Anyways, after much prayers to God, my family's help, and your encouragement I feel good!!! I am officially down 11 lbs since the start of my diet so I am happy. I will be off two more days and I will try to go back to work Wednesday!!! Hope you all have a good weekend!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hey all. I know what I am going through is normal but I feel like crap. I have so much gas in my shoulder and in my esophagus that its driving me crazy!! And of course the doubts are raining down!!! I need a pick me up!!! Please tell me this will get better and I didn't destroy my body!!