Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling better...

Hey ya'll! Update, I feel better. I took a few gas-x, drank some milk of magnesia, bounced on an exercise ball, walked, walked, walked, took my pain medicine, and I prayed. Had a little diarrhea- cha-cha-cha, went to sleep and woke up feeling sooo much better. Still have some chest pain, but not near as bad. I knew what was happening but that self doubt came roaring back into my head and I couldn't beat her yesterday!! She's a mean old bitch! Anyways, after much prayers to God, my family's help, and your encouragement I feel good!!! I am officially down 11 lbs since the start of my diet so I am happy. I will be off two more days and I will try to go back to work Wednesday!!! Hope you all have a good weekend!!!


  1. So glad it worked! ;-) Gotta luv MOM!

  2. Just checking up on you... Glad your feeling better

  3. Glad you are feeling better and I had some MAJOR mood swings my first two weeks. I think it is all part of the healing!

    Keep fighting the good fight!