Sunday, March 25, 2012

Addicted to food...

I finally went grocery shopping for my family today. We needed everything! I start my preop diet on Tuesday and I needed to get some food for that and make sure my husband and son had something to eat while I was dieting. I found myself thinking about all the food I could no longer eat starting Tuesday and almost wanting to buy everything I knew I would miss and eat it today and tomorrow. Then I thought, I must really be addicted to food for me to have anxiety over not eating certain things. I realize that food had too much emphasis on my life. So.... I didn't but anything extra like salt-n-vinegar chips or chocolate ice cream, but I thought about it a lot. I didn't get to go out with my friends Friday night because we had 2 emergencies at work and I went in to work. My husband took my son and I to P.F.Changs yesterday so I didn't miss out and I think the girls and I will go out after work tomorrow night for one last hurrah!!!! I would love to talk to some people who are starting their journeys or anyone who "has been there." Have a great week!!!


  1. Hi! I rec'd your email. I am your first follower! I am so honored. I'll try to do a shout out to you this week.

    PS: totally jealous that you met Jared. He is thee "ULTIMATE" weight maintainer champion in my book.

  2. Addicted to food... Yep. I am in my beg stages for the band starting psych v
    Eval on Tuesday, and meet with surgeon one on one next week 4-10. I'll be watching your blogs.... I am hoping I don't have to wait to long before scheduling. I'll be thinking of you keep up the prepop plan...mypu can do this

  3. I did the week of 'last suppers' before starting my pre-op diet. I had one last passionate love affair with Dr. Pepper, to the tune of 55oz of soda everyday for a week!! EWWWWWWWW!